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Y. Chroma

Client: Y. Chroma

About the case

Y Chroma is a Lisbon based menswear brand, producing and distributing high-end menswear primarily to the US market.

Rooted in the surf and skate culture of Portugal, Y Chroma is a brand that sets to reinvent the mid-life man that feels forgotten and disappears in the midst of grey suits and business cards.

Y Chroma launched its first collection in early 2023 and formed a partnership with Addtal Media to grow the brand fast in April of 2023.

What we did

Meta Ads
Email Marketing


Since launching campaigns and building the flows, we quickly reached a scalable point of return on ad spend of around 300%, which allowed us to scale the budget to acquire new customers.

Within 3,5 months we had reached our first milestone of $50k revenue in a single month. The brand started getting more notoriety and publicity in various media and the paid performance benefitted from the momentum of the brand.

Following a clear scaling plan and continuously reaching roas targets, the brand had it´s first $100k month just 8 months after launching paid performance campaigns.

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