From Unstable Lead-Flow to Market Leader And Acquisition in 3 Years.

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Client: Viasol

About the case

Viasol is a leading solar panel provider for households and companies in Denmark.
Since starting in 2011, Viasol was founded on the premise that they would deliver the highest quality of solar panels in the industry.

With a strong network of suppliers and top of the line partners in instalments, Viasol grew into the largest solar panel provider in 2021 and has maintained a market leader since.

What we did

Meta Ads
Google Ads


Since working with Viasol for the past 3 years, we have built a stable flow of leads through our performance marketing channels. This is crucial for the company, as each energy consultant needs a certain number of leads daily to meet the targets.

The lead prices have decreased by more than 50% and we have created a funnel that allows for fast adjustments in lead levels and budget optimisations.

After being part of the journey of growing Viasol into the largest solar panel provider to private households, the company was then acquired by a large energy company in Germany. The partnership continues to strengthen and Addtal Media has also consulted other solar companies in the acquisition round as a result of the results achieved for Viasol.

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