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Client: Hunkøn Studio

About the case

Hunkøn Studios is a Copenhagen based fashion brand supporting female empowerment through a mix of Japanese sculptural style and Scandinavian minimalism.

The brand started in a small basement of Copenhagen by co-founders Anne and Trine, and has now grown into a leader in their field. The brand is truly first movers, when it comes to playing with shapes, colours and creativity as a womenswear brand.

Addtal Media has been a part of the Hunkøn journey for over 3 years now and continues to develop the partnership, growing the brand across multiple markets at this stage.

We are thrilled to be working closely with the co-founders and creative team at Hunkøn and will enjoy the partnership for many more years to come.

It has been a true pleasure to see how Hunkøn has developed into a household name in the Scandinavian fashion scene and continues to build on the strong community of powerful individuals.

What we did

Meta Ads
Google Ads
Email Marketing
TikTok Ads


Stable growth month by month that is built on a scalable foundation, which also enables a better steering of the liquidity flow in the business and allows Hunkøn to plan ahead and forecast on revenue and profitability.

The partnership is still ongoing and we are now an integral part of the team at Hunkøn, enjoying the process of building the leading women-empowering fashion brand in Scandinavia and soon Europe, as we launch in other markets.

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